Once upon a time at the dawn of the third millennium, Château Puy d'Amour was born from a dream.

In 1998, stimulated by our common passion for grape culture and having worked 15 years in a wine production, we decided to devote ourselves to the noble profession of wine grower.


Settled in the Côtes de Bourg, where the rounded hills remind us the region of Massif Central volcanic landscape, we took over a 10 hectare vineyard. With its southwest exposure, this vineyard benefits from its proximity to the Gironde Estuary generating a microclimate and allowing an optimal maturation of vines: merlot, carbernets and malbec.


In 2000, we chose to convert our vineyard into an organic venture out of respect for environment and to work in harmony with nature.


These years in organic culture comforted our choice and encourage us to continue in respect of nature and humans.


Murielle & Johann

Château Puy d'Amour 5 Marchais 33710 Saint Seurin de bourg - tel/fax : 05 57 68 38 01 - puydamour@orange.fr